[Mono-devel-list] SqliteDataAdapter issues with Fill(System.Data.DataSet)

Everaldo Canuto everaldo_canuto at yahoo.com.br
Wed Jan 26 13:45:26 EST 2005


It ocurs because you need to initialize a dset property.

try to use this:

sqlcon = new SqliteConnection("URI=file:sqlitetest.db");
sqlda = new SqliteDataAdapter(SELECTALL, sqlcon);
dset = new DataSet();

I think that now it works fine.


Em Qua, 2005-01-26 às 12:36 -0600, Nicholas Perez escreveu:
> Okay, I don't profess to have any great knowledge of what it is I am
> doing, but I am feeding the SqliteDataAdapter all the right arguments
> to get back the right object. the problem is that when I call
> Fill(System.Data.DataSet) the thing crashes complaining about a null
> reference.
> Am I doing something wrong?
> This is on a Mono-1.1.3 install on XP SP2 with all the appropriate
> binary dlls installed for sqlite[2|3].
> Attached is the code, along with the error messages, and the .mdb
> (mono debug? and I had to rename it because gmail is paranoid that I
> am sending an executable) that was generated from running the
> executable (I assume).

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