[Mono-devel-list] Mono.Debugger assemly - licensing?

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Wed Jan 26 12:17:47 EST 2005

On 01/26/05 Hans Kratz wrote:
> Judging from the COPYING file in mono-svn/debugger/ it seems that 
> everything in this directory is GPL'ed and that therefore the 
> Mono.Debugger assembly is GPL'ed as well.

I think the debugger assembly needs to be GPL because it links directly to
GPL code from binutils, I think the C# code itself may be
licensed under a different GPL-compatible license, though:
if that was the intended license, we'll clarify in svn.

> I was wondering how that fits into policy of shipping only LGPL'ed 
> assemblies as stated in a recent post of Jonathon Pryor. Comments?

There is no such policy. We ship each piece of software with the proper
license. Hence the debugger is GPL, currently, but other librraies
we developed ourselves are under different licenses.
If we have a choice between multiple implementations, we'll chose
an implementation that allows the broadest use, in the ByteFX case
we still include the earlier LGPL version. Note: we include the mysql
support as a service to our users: everyone is free to use the GPL
variant if they respect its license, we just didn't include a copy
of it in our code repository (after all, we can't include support for


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