libgdiplus build (Was: Re: [Mono-devel-list] libgdiplus problem)

Paolo Molaro lupus at
Tue Jan 25 08:21:23 EST 2005

On 01/25/05 Paul wrote:
> I can compile everything except libgdiplus. That complains that it
> cannot find cairo-0.3.0 (I think!). The version of cairo I have is
> whatever is currently being dispensed by the cairo cvs server.

Today I imported libpixman and cairo inside libgdiplus, so that
it's not needed anymore to go and hunt down the right version
of cairo. Just run ./ and make, make install and
you should be set. Tarballs use the normal ./configure (./
is for the build from svn).
We don't install the libraries, so they won't interfere with the normal
cairo libs.
Once the cairo API will stabilize, we'll build again from an installed
cairo lib, so that it will be possible to interoperate with
other toolkits and libraries that use and expose the cairo context for 
drawing etc.


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