[Mono-devel-list] Error while trying to 'make' in 'mcs/../standalone'

Vasudevan Sudharsan vsudharsan at novell.com
Tue Jan 25 00:10:21 EST 2005

When I ran make test-clients in
mcs/class/System.Web.Services/Test/standalone I got this error 
./client/localhost/TestBinding4Test.cs(19) error CS0234: The type or
namespace name `Soap' could not be found in namespace
When I deleted the ./client/localhost/TestBinding4Test.cs from the
client.sources file, error dissapears and the make runs perfectly. So
there is some problem with the accessing of the namespaces. 
Also, the name space TestBinding4Test.Soap is defined in
./proxies/localhost/TestBinding4TestSoapProxy.cs and probably it is not
possible for the 
./client/localhost/TestBinding4Test.cs  to access it. Please fix this...

With regards 

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