[Mono-devel-list] Custom handlers for mod_mono

Anthony Gorecki anthony at ectrolinux.com
Sat Jan 22 04:04:23 EST 2005


I recently encountered http://www.govtrack.us and read the article regarding 
custom request handlers for mod_mono, bypassing ASP.NET.

Using a similar (albeit much more advanced) implementation, would it therefore 
be possible to completely bypass all script-based processing? For example, if 
I were to define the following XML "instructions":

   <module name="articles">
   <module name="some_provider_of_additional_functionality">

I would presume that it would be possible to place that block of code into a 
file, and then have the file managed by a custom request handler. 

Such a handler could load all of the required .NET modules to provide 
whichever functionality was desired and then output the formatted page to the 
user; this way, there would be no need for PHP, ASP or any of the other 
common scripting languages to generate the pages.

I haven't delved into the mod_mono source code to inspect the technical aspect 
of what I just described, so please correct me if something seems to be 
glaringly incorrect in the above. Assuming otherwise, I would (ideally) 
prefer not to have XSP installed on the servers that would be running a 
content management system on the custom handlers. Is there a way to run the 
custom handlers _without_ XSP?

Thanks for your assistance.

Anthony Gorecki
Ectro-Linux Foundation
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