[Mono-devel-list] Patch for DataRow.cs and its Test case

Ankit Jain radical at corewars.org
Fri Jan 21 04:21:18 EST 2005


Attached is a patch for DataRow.cs .

Explanation of the patch..

1. DataRowVersion.Current changed to  .Default

    Default selects the right version for teh current state of the row.
    Current is not alwayz available , eg. when row state is Detached

2. The check for (RowState == DataRowState.Detached) was invalid in
GetParentRow . Eg, for a newly created row the state is Detached, but it
is valid to call SetParentRow and GetParentRow on it.

All this has been tested on ms.net also, and the tests also run fine.

I'll be sending more patches for DataRow.cs today, just need to write
their test cases.

I hope this patch is acceptable..

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