[Mono-devel-list] NUnit Regression test suites.

Charlie Poole cpoole at pooleconsulting.com
Wed Jan 19 18:54:34 EST 2005

Hi all,

To be clear, I should point out that the extensibility features are
still not in a full release
of NUnit, but only in the "Iteration Releases" on SourceForge. That's
our signal that
the details might change in the future - and in fact they have and will
continue to do it.

If there's sufficient benefit, that might not be an obstacle to using
one of these releases
for Mono development.


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> >| Hi Guys,
> >| 
> >| I was under the impression we no longer had a mono fork of 
> NUnit. We 
> >| worked to do what was needed so that NUnit 2.2 could go 
> into mono as 
> >| is... althoguh I'm not sure whether it actually made it into a 
> >| release - it might be nunit 2.1.93 still.
> >| 
> There isn't a fork at all, I don't think.  I think just the 
> sources are in svn.  Not sure which version of sources, 
> although Sebastien or Gonzalo might know.  I think one of 
> them did the most recent import.
> >| The particular feature sounds like it might be pretty specific to 
> >| mono, but there might be some way to do it using the new 
> >| extensibility features of NUnit that came out in the 2.2.1 release?
> >| 
> I quickly reviewed the extensibility feature a few days ago 
> and didn't have time to delve into it yet.  Let me have a 
> look at that later and see if it allows for a better solution.
> >| I think there's tremendous advantage to users to have a single 
> >| version of nunit and to build any special features on top of it, 
> >| instead of forking.... even if that's easier in the short term.
> >| 
> Absolutely.  Right now we do not need to change nunit at all 
> for what we are going to do.  We are only using the wonderful 
> [Category] feature as per Miguel's suggestion.  Perhaps 
> Rafael and I can come up with a better plan after we have 
> time to study the new nunit version to help with automagic 
> bug watching.
> Thanks,
> Nick D.

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