[Mono-devel-list] Mono x MS .NET gac

Zac Bowling zac at zacbowling.com
Wed Jan 19 14:16:22 EST 2005

The reason for this error is that any DLL you want to install into your 
gac, ether you're MS gac (into x:\Windows\Assemblies\) or your mono gac, 
your DLL has to be signed. This prevents people from imitating your 
libraries if they are in a shared location. You can sign dlls already 
compiled with the "sn.exe" utility from ether the Mono or .NET toolkits 
if the person who compiled it set the assembly to allow late signing. If 
you don't have the ablity to sign the library the only way to make it 
work is to include it in your build directory and do a local reference 
to it. On another note, some of the Mono assemblies have issues with 
working with WIN32 on Microsoft's runtime for Mono. GTK# does have this 
issue but I have seen it fail on 3 different mono tools that I've been 
porting to WIN32 myself, so this maybe the issue. You can try running 
"gacutil.bat /i <dll name>" from the mono command line and see if it 
adds to the Mono gac, and if it does then you found one of these issues 
with the signing process and it would be good for us to know so we can 
fix it. :-)

I hope that helps.

Zac Bowling

Pekus Cons. e Desenvolvimento wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to do some test with Mono and MySQL under my WinXP machine, 
> using VS.NET 2003 as development environment.
> After inserting ByteFX.Data as a reference of my test project, I'm 
> receiving the following error message running my app:
> "Strong name validation failed for assembly 'ByteFX.Data"
> If I'm not wrong, I believe I need to install ByteFX.Data.dll in MS 
> .NET global assembly cache. How can I do it? Any help? Is it possible 
> to use Mono class libraries together VS.NET projects?
> Regards,
> Alexandre.

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