[Mono-devel-list] Question Threads and Locks

Christoph Stiedl Shorty.10 at gmx.at
Wed Jan 19 10:09:45 EST 2005

> This stuff needs to be documented and the way to do it is to 
> read the code, use grep and annotate it. Anyone can do it. 
> Would you like to contribute? 
> If you don't plan to contribute in the effort and just need a quick 
> help on a data structure in particular, just ask explicitly 
> what you need. Asking a list of all the shared data is not going to 
> get an answer, because this stuff isn't documented yet and doing so 
> _now_ is not scheduled for any of us: it takes time. You can help by 
> taking 
> a data structure and documenting that for starters, if you want. 
> Plus, having more eyes on the code can only help find and fix the bugs 
> that lurk in there. Right now, if I had a document describing what is 
> shared and which locks protect what, I wouldn't tell you, because 
> that would prevent you from reading the code and telling us about the 
> bugs you found;-) 
> lupus 
Thanks, I will ask again when I know exactly which data structures are 
I am working on a local copy of the 1.0.2 version, so annotating anything 
there won't help anybody ;-), and probably the most bugs I would find 
would result from my code and not from yours because I have still little 
insight in Mono. 
Ciao Christoph 

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