[Mono-devel-list] Question Threads and Locks

Christoph Stiedl Shorty.10 at gmx.at
Wed Jan 19 03:35:34 EST 2005


first of all, thanks for your help.

> I don't mean to be rude, but this question suggests that you need to
> read an introduction to multi-threaded programming.  It doesn't have to
> be a .net-specific text, but ".NET Multithreading" by Alan L. Dennis
> (ISBN 1-930110-54-5) is recommended on our web site.

Don't be afraid, it wasn't rude. I would have reacted the same way if
I am busy and someone asked that question. The truth is that I have already
read a book: "Programming with POSIX Threads" from David R. Butenhof,
without any background I wouldn't have questioned. Maybe my question could
have been misunderstood, because I didn't write anything that I know
allready what threads are,...

So the intention of my question was not that someone should explain me
threading, but give me some information which data structures are shared,

The problem is that some reads aren't locked and some are, maybe because the
values don't change,... - but thats the problem, I didn't find any
documentation about it and so I started by reading the source code. As
anybody can imagine it's difficult to figure out, which values can change,
which not, which variables need to be locked when read,... - thats only
possible if you know all of the code, or if you wrote the code yourself. And
thats the reason why I asked for help, because I don't know all of the code.

So, I will be very thankful for all your help

Ciao Christoph

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