[Mono-devel-list] Question Threads and Locks

Christoph Stiedl Shorty.10 at gmx.at
Tue Jan 18 10:23:34 EST 2005

I truly need your help because I need to hurry up with my design 
and prototype implementation, therefore I repeat my question: 
  I am currently working on my diploma thesis and need your help. I spent  
  the last three months reading into the source code of Mono and now the  
  time has come to try some things by changing mono code.  
  Before I can start coding I need your help concerning threads:  
  On several places in the code there are "EnterCriticalSection"  
  statements, but until now I couldn't figure out which things need to be  
  protected when accessed and which not. It seems that only writing is  
  protected by mutexes and not reading - am I right?  
  Which functions are called by multiple threads and which ones are called  
  only by the starting thread --> to see which ones need synchronization  
  --> or is synchronization only done by synchronizing the access to  
  shared data structures. Which datastructures are shared?  
  Is there any documentation about it?   
Thanks very much  

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