[Mono-devel-list] NUnit Regression test suites.

Nick D ndrochak at gol.com
Tue Jan 18 05:07:03 EST 2005

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>| Hi Guys,
>| I was under the impression we no longer had a mono fork of NUnit.
>| We worked to do what was needed so that NUnit 2.2 could go into
>| mono as is... althoguh I'm not sure whether it actually made it into
>| a release - it might be nunit 2.1.93 still.

There isn't a fork at all, I don't think.  I think just the sources are in
svn.  Not sure which version of sources, although Sebastien or Gonzalo might
know.  I think one of them did the most recent import.

>| The particular feature sounds like it might be pretty specific to mono,
>| but there might be some way to do it using the new extensibility
>| features of NUnit that came out in the 2.2.1 release?

I quickly reviewed the extensibility feature a few days ago and didn't have
time to delve into it yet.  Let me have a look at that later and see if it
allows for a better solution.

>| I think there's tremendous advantage to users to have a single
>| version of nunit and to build any special features on top of it,
>| instead of forking.... even if that's easier in the short term.

Absolutely.  Right now we do not need to change nunit at all for what we are
going to do.  We are only using the wonderful [Category] feature as per
Miguel's suggestion.  Perhaps Rafael and I can come up with a better plan
after we have time to study the new nunit version to help with automagic bug

Nick D.

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