[Mono-devel-list] NUnit Regression test suites.

Nick Drochak ndrochak at gol.com
Sun Jan 16 17:58:21 EST 2005

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>| Hey,
>|     Just an update on what I have been doing:
>| 	* For each test that fails on Mono/Linux today, I have
>| 	  either flagged the test with [Category("NotWorking")]
>| 	  or if the test is embedded into a larger test, split it
>| 	  off into a separate method, and flagged that one.

I think we should use an attribute like I mentioned before, e.g.
[RunWhenBugFixed(39032)] instead. That way we can re-enable the tests
without changing source (and it's easier to consolidate those re-enablings
in one config file instead of searching through reams of source. 

I'd make it now, but I'm not sure where to put the assembly, whether it goes
in the nunit directory or where? Suggestions from build gurus & maintainers
would be much appreciated here.

>| 	* In some cases, where am not sure if we should fix a bug
>| 	  (as our code does not have the limitations of the MS.NET
>| 	  Framework) I have labeled the test as [Category("ValueAdd")].
>| 	  We can still fix the bug in the future depending on what we
>| 	  decide.

I like this one, it's a good idea.

>| 	* This process is slower than expected, since I have been
>| 	  creating a standalone test case, and filing a bug report
>| 	  in Bugzilla so we can properly track these issues.
>|      Currently am working myself on corlib, if other people want to help
>| (as it will take sometime to create all the tests and bug reports), pick
>| your own assembly and post a follow up to this message.

I'd like to get one assembly done, namely corlib, as soon as possible.  Any
chance we can both work on that?  For instance, you can work top-down
through the failures and I could work bottom-up?

Nick D.

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