[Mono-devel-list] name resolution requirements of xsp

jrodman at mono-list.spamportal.net jrodman at mono-list.spamportal.net
Fri Jan 14 17:58:46 EST 2005

Hello all,

We're attempting to use soap in a manner slightly different from the
design conception.  What we are offering is not really a globally unique
service on the internet, but a locally accessiable service on a LAN.

The things that concern us are not so much universal unique naming or
any such, but more operation in any foolish lan environment.  As such, I
wish to avoid any reliance on any particular naming or numbering scheme
in any environment in which it is deployed.  If users can establish an
http connection and send a valid request, we want to be able to handle
this request and respond in a valid way.

Currently, xsp seems to return an error of NameResolutionFailure from
the web service test page (and also to test clients) if the hostname
used in the URL to reference the SOAP application cannot be resolved on
the SOAP host.  This is, as described above, undesirable.  If the
application is running on a DHCP-configured host, or if the users are
referring to it with locally configured /etc/hosts aliases, or if the
DNS server explodes and all name resolution stops but some hosts have
locally cached values they are still using, we want to be able to
continue to respond to requests containing any URI with any hostname
that reaches us.

Am I flatly wrongheaded here?  Is there something I'm completely
missing?  If not, what can I change, or where might you recommend me to
start looking?


Joshua Rodman

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