[Mono-devel-list] VM differences with java

Willibald Krenn Willibald.Krenn at gmx.at
Wed Jan 12 15:29:35 EST 2005

Miguel de Icaza schrieb:
> Hey!


> What we are working on is:
> 	* New trampoline code to allow replacing method bodies.
> 	* Statistical profiler support to the default profiler
> 	  (you can see that on SVN).
> 	  This was actually a surprise, I did not know Paolo was 
> 	  hacking on this, but its a nice addition.

I was well aware of it, but I thought Paolo (and other hackers) know 
that I'm doing the recomp. thing (trigger, cont. optim...). So the 
'someone' part in Paolo's e-mail puzzled me and the 'no one' part in 
Jonathan's message finally made me reply.

Actually I had an e-mail exchange with Paolo on that topic on this list. 
  I even did a proposal (which I'm implementing right now)! So why not 
just say '...and Willi implements the code to analize the data and 
trigger the recompilation and...'

Bad PR on my part I guess,

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