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Wed Jan 12 10:39:19 EST 2005

Hi Martin,
Thanks for your time. Your reply to my question really opened my eyes.
Now I wonder if there exists a way to prepare offline a serie of commits
(each one with his own message and list of operations) and then run all of
them automatically.

Thanks again.


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On Wed, 2005-01-12 at 14:20 +0000, Paolo Marini wrote:

> At this point my questions are:
>  - how can happen that an author performs two commits within a few
> (There are even commits only 1 second distant each other).


I'm doing this quite often when I'm in bug-fixing mode to save testing

Normally, you'd need to test your changes each time before committing.
Since this is very time consuming, I usually do some optimization when
fixing multiple simple bugs:

When I'm done with the first bug, I prepare the ChangeLog and log
message in my mcs/mcs directory, but instead of committing, I just make
a copy of the directory and move on to the next bug.  When I'm done with
all the bugs, I run all the tests (may take about 20-25 minutes) and
then commit all my changes.

Another example is where people are working offline most of the time,
when they go online, they commit all their changes at once.

>  - how do you usually perform a commit? Do you use the command line?
> RapidSVN? TortoiseSVN? Do this tools fragment a single commit into more
> commits? Why?

I'm using the command line.


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