[Mono-devel-list] Borland Delphi 2005 Suport

Matthijs ter Woord (meddochat) meddochat at zonnet.nl
Sat Jan 8 06:09:57 EST 2005

Hi Marc and others,

> I think when moving to .NET/Mono to achieve cross-platform usability for
your library, it would be a good thing to look beyond jumping from one hack
to the other (and implementing Delphi RTL
> dependencies in Mono would just be another hack; the original Delphi
designers using P/Invoke in the first place to get their RTL ported cheap
being the first one). Otherwise you'll just keep running into
> stuff you need to hack around (or ask others to hack around) whenever you
take the next step (say, porting your library to dotGnu; to 64bit .NET, to
non-x86 Mono, etc etc).
You're right, but borland, of course wants to keep most things backwards
compatible, and easily switchable, so when removing delphi's RTL, peolpe
would: A) need to learn the .NET FCL, and B) need to change existing


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