[Mono-devel-list] ANN: RemObjects Chrome for Mono - Public Preview available now!

Carlo Kok ck at carlo-kok.com
Fri Jan 7 11:33:53 EST 2005

RemObjects Software is proud to announce that the January 2005 Preview
of the free Chrome Command Line Edition for Mono is now available for

Chrome is RemObjects' next generation Object Pascal language for the
.NET and Mono Platforms and it enables you to write fully managed
native applications inside the well known Visual Studio .NET IDE. While
implementing a language that stays true to the beauty and elegance of
Object Pascal, Chrome adds useful design elements from other languages
such as C#, Java and Eiffel and it introduces its own language
innovations. More information on Chrome is available at

The preview has been tested Mono version 1.0.5 and the current beta
1.1.3, and the compiler supports running Mono as well as cross-linking
against Mono from Microsoft .NET.

To help you get started with the new compiler, please check out the
article "Introducing the Chrome Command Line Compiler", which will show
you how to build and debug Pascal applications for .NET and Mono using
Chrome and the .NET SDK; this article is available at

Download the preview here: http://www.chromesville.com/downloads
Read the first Chrome article here: http://www.chromesville.com/?ch01
Join our newsgroup: news://news.remobjects.com/remobjects.public.chrome

Follow-ups set to public.chrome.

Enjoy Chrome,

The RemObjects Team

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