[Mono-devel-list] MySql Connectivity in Mono

Colt D. Majkrzak majkrzak at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 14:11:49 EST 2005

I just updated the linux server to mono/mcs/xsp/mod_mono 1.0.5 and put the
precompiled MySql.Data (gacutil -I MySql.Data.dll) from the website, and its
now working perfectly with MySql.Data  Thanks everyone for the help!

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> Has anyone else had this experience?  From what I remember of the 1.0.2
> version of MySql connector from the mysql.com website is that within the
> code there are mono/dotnet compiler options that must be set/unset.  But
> at anyrate what I found was that the version precompiled on the website
> will not work on Linux.

I've got  MySql .Data to work on linux with mono 1.0.5 - see my
previous post for reference


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