[Mono-devel-list] MySql Connectivity in Mono

Fabio Marini f.marini at gmail.com
Mon Jan 3 17:45:59 EST 2005

I think my previous message didn't make it to the list - here it is again...

Hey Colt,

> Hello, I'm currently using VS.Net 2003 to write some asp/C# pages and I'm
> trying to hook to a MySQL server.  I've installed the Connectivity kit and
> it works fine with MS.Net Framework, with MySql.Data installed, but once I
> attempt to move the asp pages to the mono/apache/xsp server the pages begin
> to error.  Does MySql.Data exist in mono by the same name or do I need to
> reference it differently?  Probably a very newbish question, so thanks in
> advance!

I was stuck on the very same problem. Here's what I gathered so far:
1. you can include MySql.Data in the bin folder of your app, however...
2. mono will complain about ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll: include that too but...
3. there seems to be a bug in MySql.Data that will make your app crash...

I googled a bit and it seems that that's been fixed in cvs, but not in
release so I'm downloading 1.0.5 (I got 1.0.4 right now) in the hope
that it works - I really can't rebuild mono right now...

Well, you maybe luckier than me and get it sorted: keep posting if you
get any further!

Ciao - Fabio

That seems to fix it - I get an access denied error now...

Ciao - Fabio

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