[Mono-devel-list] VTable & Interfaces

Willibald Krenn Willibald.Krenn at gmx.at
Mon Feb 28 13:33:39 EST 2005


I just looked at the VTable and hope someone can confirm my 'findings':

Each virtual method that is part of an interface has (at least?) two 
entries in the VMT: One in the 'class' area, a second one in the 
'interface' area. Even more pointers to the same method are possible in 
the interface section. (?)

In a nutshell: Recompiling virtual methods has very high costs, as all 
VTables have to be searched for occurrencies of the method pointer in 
the class and the interface section. Thereby even the slot in the 
interface section is unkown, so a look at all pointers is needed.


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