[Mono-devel-list] SDL on mac os x: has anyone managed it yet?

Jason Bell bell_jason at yahoo.ca
Sat Feb 26 06:08:05 EST 2005

Thanks for the idea, but alas, I experience the same

I was looking at cocoasharp, and see it has bindings
for NSOpenGLView.  So until someone with more
knowledge of the inner workings of mono and sdl finds
a solution, I'll create seperate windowing classes and
functions for the mac.  So a common function that the
user calls can just use ifdefs to determing what os it
is running under.  Once someone manages to find a way
to get SDL working, It'll be a simple matter to remove
the cocoasharp code.

It's not the solution I was hoping for, but I'm tired
of beating my head against this issue.

Thanks for your input

Jason Bell

 --- Paolo Molaro <lupus at ximian.com> wrote: 
> On 02/24/05 Jason Bell wrote:
> > 2) Application starts, and an initialisation
> function
> > of my own making in an unmanaged library is
> called, no
> > errors occur, but the application enters an
> infinite
> > loop, presumably because the program didn't return
> to
> > the c# Main function.
> Are you using mono 1.1.4? Earlier versions ran the
> user program
> in a subthread and the apple cocoa runtime
> misbehaves in this case.
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