[Mono-devel-list] develop under Microsoft .NET and porting to Mono is correct?

Mauro Bertoli bertolima at yahoo.it
Fri Feb 25 15:25:47 EST 2005

HI! Great work!
A question:
Mono wants to allow that the developers Windows can
easily pass to Mono (on Linux)?
I'm developing an complex office application (that use
Forms) and my best target is running it under Linux
because I think is the best place I can have! 
Do I have to watch out for something? Can use
reflection, activator, and others feature quietly?
What's the limit? I read in FAQ that some API aren't
supported (I'm happy!) and I don't understand if I
must (when Forms on Mono are available) rewrite some
code portions. My application will have database layer
(postgres 8), and human interface with MDI Forms.

Thank you and best regards, Mauro

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