[Mono-list] Re: [Mono-devel-list] Mono.Data.ProvidersFactory

Everaldo Canuto everaldo_canuto at yahoo.com.br
Fri Feb 25 05:14:52 EST 2005


> P.S. I don't understand what exactly did you mean by a 'transparent'
> data provider 

When I say transparent I say that you use your provider without need to
know what is your end database provider. When you use ADP you write your
program exactly than you write your MySQL, MSSql, Oracle program but
your change your provider namespace to "Advanced.Data.Provider" and all
"Sql*" classes to "Adp*" classes... when you need to change your
application to work as examples from SqlServer to Oracle you only need
to modify your app.config.

The most adavantage is that your can write your program exacty that you
whiten on another database provider.

> and also didn't understand why somebody thinks that
> wx.net is better than gtk#? Personally I would like to see
> System.Windows.Forms implemented cross platform and possibly extended
> to have more features than MS version of it. I do like the idea that
> GUI is 99% implemented in C# (just like Swig for Java - correct me if
> I'm wrong, I'm not a Java programer). 

I like to have a lot of toolkits then you will be able to choose what is
the best for your solution. See "Managed Windows Forms", it is a 100% C#
implementation of "System Windows Forms" and it works on Windows, Linux
and MacOS

> Also we need a god
> cross-platform debugger and an IDE with debugging support and GUI
> designer, refactoring, etc... possibly written in C# using
> System.Windows.Forms. We all now that.See NetBeans for Java, it rocks!
> Mono should be RAD platform.

I agree with you and I think that on the future we will have it...
MonoDevelop now suport debugging and Dan Winship works on designer
"Stetic" can be found on Mon SVN.


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