[Mono-devel-list] SDL on mac os x: has anyone managed it yet?

Jason Bell bell_jason at yahoo.ca
Thu Feb 24 13:38:10 EST 2005

I've tried that, and variations on that theme.  For
example, calling CustomApplicationMain from c# with an
external declaration, or creating an unmanaged library
that initialises SDL, then calling said library from
c#.  No go.

I think the principle problem is the same as was
experienced with freepascal: your application has no
main function (lowercase m) to return to after
initialisation is done.

So thus far I've seen two scenarios as near as I can

1) Application starts, and SDL_Init is called, but
fails because the initialisations such as creating an
autorelease pool haven't been performed.

2) Application starts, and an initialisation function
of my own making in an unmanaged library is called, no
errors occur, but the application enters an infinite
loop, presumably because the program didn't return to
the c# Main function.

Jason Bell

 --- Paolo Molaro <lupus at ximian.com> wrote: 
> On 02/22/05 Jason Bell wrote:
> > In freepascal, you can get around this by manually
> > changing the main function to SDL_main, and
> linking
> > against libSDL.dylib (SDL.framework won't work
> because
> > for some reason it doesn't contain the
> initialisation
> > code itself).  Thus, the application starts in
> SDL's
> > main function, which then calls SDL_main, and so
> > enters your program's loop.
> > 
> > Has anyone looked at some way of getting SDL
> working
> > with mono on mac os x?  I assume a solution
> similar to
> Can't you just pinvoke SDL_main in the sdl library
> where
> you want to enter the main loop?
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