[Mono-devel-list] Mono.Data.ProvidersFactory

Everaldo Canuto everaldo_canuto at yahoo.com.br
Thu Feb 24 09:38:32 EST 2005


Mono.Data.ProvidersFactory is a class to help you on creation on another
data providers... basically you need to declare "provider classes"
interfaces an use ProvidersFactory to create your provider.

If you look to a real transparent data provider look at:
htttp://advanced-ado.sourceforge.net it works on Mono and I have plans
to rename and incorporate this provider on Mono tree classes, look at
this topic: http://lists.ximian.com/archives/public/mono-devel-

Best regards,

Em Qui, 2005-02-24 às 11:45 +0100, Aleksandar Dezelin escreveu:
> I have compiled Mono/Gtk# from the lates svn sources and installed it
> in /usr/local. Now I've downloaded SqlSharpGtk, compiled it and
> installed it in /usr/local, too.
> There's no data providers avilable in it, becose
> Mono.Data.ProvidersFactory cannot find it's .config file. I've looked
> at the source tree and found app.config file. Could somebody tell me
> in which directory to copy it to and how to name it?
> Cheers,
> Aleksandar Dezelin

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