[Mono-devel-list] continuous optimization / method recompilation update

Willibald Krenn Willibald.Krenn at gmx.at
Wed Feb 23 15:03:52 EST 2005


It has been quite some time since I started working on recompilation 
functionality for mono and until now I haven't published a sigle patch. 
Mostly this was because of lack of new functionality.

Today I'll post a very first version of what I'm working on - especially 
to get some comments on the source. (I know that the new files aren't in 
  the 'correct' coding style - I'll change that if you say that you're 
unhappy with the function names.)

Attention: This only works on AMD64 Linux systems; Others will need to 
have a look at mPatcher.c and see what has to be done. (I'll do a port 
to x86 later on)

The patch consists of two parts: The diff.gz file, which basically 
modifies the mono build process plus installs the 'hooks' for the 
continuous optimization framework and a tar.gz file that contains a 
'contopt' directory (with 24 small files) that has to be extracted in 
the mini dir. (Files must go to .../mini/contopt/)

The whole thing isn't very well tested, but at least mono does bootstrap 
correctly with this patch applied..

P.S.: Enable it with
./autogen.sh ... --with-contopt=yes
make (in .../mini)

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