[Mono-devel-list] MSVB C# to mbas conversion kickoff & call for volunteers

Dennis Hayes denisraytek at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 21 06:41:11 EST 2005

I have started a “probe” conversion to convert the MSVB namespace from C# to Mbas.

I will be using a commercial tool, InstantVB, graciously donated by Tangible Solutions, http://www.instantvb.com/.

Any changes the namespace should still be made in the C# version. I will be keeping the converted files on my own machine until there is something significant to check-in.

Also, at this point this is more of a probe to see what would be needed to really do the conversion.

I expect the conversion to take “a few” months to complete. In addition to the conversion work, the task will be dependant on the folks at Tangible improving their tool; they have been very fast at correcting issues I have found thus far! Also they donated to tool in exchange for bug reports. The task will also be dependant on progress on the Mbas compiler as well.


Call for volunteers:

Mbas guys, the first issue I run into is that Mbas does not yet support #IFDEF. The files are full of #IFDEF 1.1 and #IFDEF 2.0. It is easy enough for me to just comment out all but one version for now, but this is be one of my top requests, if it is not too difficult. I would not want you to delay more important mbas work for this. Any idea when #IFDEF will be supported (or am I doing something wrong?). Thanks.


Beginners, there are some simple changes that need to be made to the C# code to make it more mbas friendly. Contact me if want to help. But only if you are not involved with other Mono work. At this point this is not importiant enough to pull anyone from other parts of the project.


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