[Mono-devel-list] Re: Solaris x86 and flags

Jonel Rienton jonel at road14.com
Mon Feb 21 04:04:28 EST 2005

Hi again,

I managed to get around the -mt flag issue and I have also updated my 
blog with the fix/work around. However, I have another request 
regarding the following error:

security.c: In function `GetTokenName':
security.c:139: error: too many arguments to function `getpwuid_r'

In Solaris x86,  functions(getpwuid_r, getpwnam_r, getgrgid_r, 
getgrnam_r) are  only accepting 4 arguments while the Mono source is 
passing 5,  would it be ok to have a conditional test if it's a solaris 
x86, just pass in 4 arguments? So far these are the remaining hacks I 
did to make the build work.

thanks much!

Jonel Rienton
Software Developer, *nix Advocate
On Feb 20, 2005, at 11:23 PM, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> Hey,
>> Would it be possible to get rid of the the -mt in the following flags
>> if it is a Solaris x86 build?  The build is stopping there and it 
>> seems
>> the -mt is included in most of the Makefiles
> Those are not hardcoded in our configure script, so am guessing that
> something in your system is returning those.  Look at the config.log, 
> or
> run sh -x configure and try to figure out where it comes from.
> That being said, I dont know of anyone having tested Mono on
> Solaris/x86, due to calling convention differences, it might not work.
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