[Mono-devel-list] Buildbot test passage status

Raja R Harinath rharinath at novell.com
Thu Feb 17 00:23:58 EST 2005


"Ben Maurer" <bmaurer at ximian.com> writes:

> --- 2.0 nunit tests hang
> I've yet to run teh 2.0 nunit tests successuflly. On buildbot I am
> getting:
> MONO_PATH="../../class/lib/net_2_0::$MONO_PATH"
> /home/builder/HEAD/mono/runtime/mono-wrapper --debug
> ../../class/lib/net_2_0/nunit-console.exe
> /output:TestResult-net_2_0.log
> /exclude:NotWorking,ValueAdd,CAS,InetAccess /xml:TestResult-net_2_0.xml
> corlib_test_net_2_0.dll || ok=false; \ sed '1,/^Tests run: /d'
> TestResult-net_2_0.log; \
> ...
> command timed out: 1200 seconds without output, killing pid 2934
> process killed by signal 9
> program finished with exit code -1
> Also note the high number of failures on the 2.0 nunit tests.
> I have to look at what tests are hanging here, though I'd apprecitate
> some help.

I think we should do away with the /output:, since it is less useful for
debugging -- the output file is truncated when we kill the process.
Then, passing TEST_HARNESS_FLAGS=/labels should be more useful.

> Cygwin/X86
> ----------
> The verification step fails with:
> The assembly mscorlib.dll was not found or could not be loaded.
> It should have been installed in the
> `c:\buildbot\HEAD\mono\mono\lib\mono\1.0\mscorlib.dll' directory.
> This sounds like a setup problem.

No.  We need to set MONO_PATH right.  We simply uses ':' as the path
separator in the rule.  We should change it to ';', and may need to use
`cygpath -W` on Win32 builds.

> ---
> The build fails with
> configure: running /bin/sh ./configure --prefix=/mono 
> '--enable-maintainer-mode' '--enable-compile-warnings'
> '--with-preview=yes' '--prefix=/mono' --disable-embed-check
> --with-libgc-threads=pthreads --cache-file=/dev/null --srcdir=.
> ./configure: ./configure: No such file or directory
> configure: error: /bin/sh ./configure failed for libgc
> errors
> I don't know what happens with tests

Earlier in the log, I think 'aclocal' dies with some problem or the
other.  It may have to do with a mismatched libtool.m4.

- Hari

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