[Mono-devel-list] [ANNOUNCE] IronPHP 0.0.1: A PHP Compiler for Mono (and .NET)

Ross Girshick ross.girshick at gmail.com
Sun Feb 13 15:31:41 EST 2005

I'm pleased to announce the first release of IronPHP [1]. IronPHP is a
PHP compiler for the Mono (and .NET) platform.

The goals of IronPHP are:

* Compatibility with PHP 5
* Speed and efficiency: let's beat the C version 
* Portability: run where ever Mono runs
* Extend PHP to allow access to .NET assemblies

The first release can compile a portion of the procedural subset of
PHP 5. IronPHP is still at an experimental stage and undergoing heavy
development. Don't expect much beyond the bare basics to work. My
immediate goal in releasing it is to get some more hands involved in
the project.

I'm presently working on the 0.0.2 release which will feature a new
lexical scanner (rewritten from scratch) and a jay based parser
(instead of the hand coded recursive descent parser). If you're
interested in joining the IronPHP effort please read the NOTES and
TODO in the tarball.

This is the first release and I want to bring it to the attention of
interested parties. Thus I've cross-posted it to the PHP internals and
the Mono developer's list. Please respect those lists and direct
further comments and discussions to the IronPHP developer's list [2].

	Ross Girshick

[1] http://ironphp.sf.net
[2] ironphp-devel at lists.sourceforge.net

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