[Mono-devel-list] FW: Mono and XScale

Krishna Ganugapati krishnag at marakicorp.com
Sun Feb 13 14:02:59 EST 2005

Thank you. Could you please suggest a mandatory reading list of papers or 
documents one needs to have reviewed before starting off? The fewer the 
better -- anything that would be on the critical path to successful 

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> On 02/12/05 Krishna Ganugapati wrote:
>> Both. We need it and we would be very much happy to help with it.
> [...]
>> Do you think it could be done successfully in a couple of months?
> Two months should be enough to get the jit ported and running most
> of the code (some things can be ignored at first, like varargs
> or some optimizations). We'll be busy with the 1.2 release, but
> we're always willing to help people getting started do the actual port.
> The ppc code is likely the best starting point for the ARM port.
> Feel free to ask any question about the implementation details.
> Maybe if Massi has some committable code, we can start from that
> or start from the current ppc files.
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