[Mono-devel-list] MSVC port in progress, a couple questions

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Sun Feb 13 11:22:20 EST 2005

On 02/11/05 J Lothian wrote:
> I've got a good chunk of the code compiling, directories:
> libgc, mono/utils,mono/os, mono/metadata,  and I'm working on mini at
> the moment.  So far, the two biggest culprits of errors compiling have
> been using the LL suffix on 64bit integer, which VC6 doesn't like, so
> some ifdef _MSC_VER to set those to i64 does the trick, and the second

Please, do submit the patches, so other people benefit from
this work.

> My current issues in mini:
> I'm getting several of these:
> driver.c(45) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file:
> 'inssel.h': No such file or directory
> I'm assuming that inssel.h must be built somehow?  Something to do
> with monoburg?  I've got that built as well (gotta love flex and
> bison), but I'm not familier with how to use it, any help?

I guess you already solved the issues, but here it is for the
record. In the mono build we use two helper programs to
generate some code that will be later compiled with the rest of
the code.
The first program is monoburg and it's used to generate the
code that does instruction selection.
It is called in the mini/ Makefile as:
	monoburg -c 1 -p -e $(BURGSRC) -d inssel.h -s inssel.c
where for x86 BURGSRC is:
	inssel.brg inssel-float.brg inssel-long32.brg inssel-x86.brg
It will create the inssel.h and inssel.c files.

The other tool is genmdesc and it's used to build a machine
description data strcture from an input file: This tool
can be found in mini/ and for x86 it's invoked:
	./genmdesc cpu-pentium.md cpu-pentium.h pentium_desc

to create the cpu-pentium.h source file.


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