[Mono-devel-list] Mod_mono / XSP corrupting images???

Colt D. Majkrzak majkrzak at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 00:22:16 EST 2005

I use code behind for all or most of the code on the page, and there is a
dll present in the project in bin/theedge.dll along with mysql.data.dll and
the ziplib dlls.





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I'm wondering if this is because you are coding your pages with nothing but
html. Not to say this isn't a bug if you are but do you even have a bin
folder with a compiled dll in it?


I've been working with ASP.NET under mono quite a while and never seen this
problem with any graphics in my sites but all my pages have code behind and
are compiled into a dll in the bin folder. Just trying to narrow in on whats
different about what you are doing.





"Colt D. Majkrzak" <majkrzak at gmail.com> wrote:

After having a few people verify my previous claims, it appears that
mod_mono/XSP are on every other load, corrupting my images from loading
correctly.  I have verified this by putting the exact same files outside the
application directory and theyll load fine each and every time, but by
putting them back into the app directory, theyll fail to load.  This will
happen inside or outside of code, and easiest to see when directly accessing
a file.


Best example:


Outside the app dir:



Inside the app dir:




When the broken images begin to appear, the only way to fix it is by forcing
the browser to do a full refresh (shift + refresh in mozilla or ctrl +
refresh in IE).


Has anyone else seen this before? Am I doomed to not let xsp/mono process
the gfx inside its app dir?


Please help!


joe_audette at yahoo.com

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