[Mono-devel-list] P/Invoke and DLLs

Frank Bergmann frank_bergmann at kgi.edu
Tue Feb 8 16:54:57 EST 2005

Thanks a lot for your help so far, only one question left for that

> It's actually __attribute__((stdcall)), but it doesn't matter.  On
> Windows platforms Mono expects functions to use the cdecl calling
> convention, which is also the default for these platforms.
> You might want to read the Managed Code Interop guide:
> 	http://www.jprl.com/interop.html

Under Win32 I had to make these callbacks _stdcall, otherwise the .NET
application would terminate after calling the callback because some
stack values could not be saved. So under non-Windows platforms this
won't happen?

Thanks again

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