[Mono-devel-list] native compiler - very important

Andy Satori dru at druware.com
Tue Feb 8 09:35:30 EST 2005

Ummm...  I'd be willing to bet that within a year, most of the 
commericial Linux distro's will have Mono on the install CD's.

Secondly, Windows Server 2003 has it installed by default. and Windows 
XP Service Pack 2 installs the .NET framework as well.  Further, with 
the wide adoption of VB.NEt and C# in the Corporate and Enterprise 
marketplace, I'd bet that you've got better than 50% market penetration 
already. I would further counter (as a fellow developer), that if the 
users you are targetting are running on Windows 98, ME or NT 4, you 
don't want them, you can't afford to support them.  That leaves only 
the Windows 2000 users, and I'd bet that they are less than 10% of your 
total marketplace.

Looking at the latest Suse Linux distro, Mono is there (albeit an older 
rev), and I know there are packages available for Mandrake, Debian and 

In short, I think you are barking up the wrong tree.


On Feb 8, 2005, at 9:21 AM, hdagelic at ffdi.hr wrote:

> Hello,
> Can you please consider making a native compiler so that the 
> application
> doesn't require the framework. If it cannot be made you can try to make
> something like remotesoft's salamander. I just cannot program anything
> with this (or the ms .net) because I cannot ask people to download the 
> 20
> MB framework! Most of the computers people use don't have the 
> framework. I
> know, the new releases of Windows will include it, so maybe in 10 
> years...
> Thank you.
> Hrvoje
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