[Mono-devel-list] Re: Fixes to XSLT

Atsushi Eno atsushi at ximian.com
Tue Feb 8 04:28:23 EST 2005

Hi Andrew,

> Sure. Just a random example. Write xsl like this:
> It throws a NullReferenceException in Mono, but works good in MS.NET. 
> This is a snippet from 
> MSFT_Conformance_tests/Attributes/Attribute_WhitespaceInUseAttributeSets.xsl 

Okay, it also throws that exception in my box, but it is not reported
in your Class1.cs test ... ?

>> I doubt... because the cause of the error is apparently trivial
>> directory name difference which is however hardcoded in Class1.cs.
>> Also, that catalog-out.xml shows filenames in MSFT_Conformance_Tests,
>> but catalog.xml is only in Xalan_Conformance_Tests.
> No, we did not use Xalan conformance tests. We focused on MSFT 
> conformance tests, may be this is the problem here. Yesterday I spent 
> all day investigating the enum problem, which we discussed in the list, 
> so I did not get my hands on your test suite. I got interesting results, 
> and I'm going to send them to the list. Then I'll deal with your test 
> suite, to find why it does not catch things I fixed.

So maybe there is no reference (original) "catalog.xml", right?

Well, apparently Xalan test collection is less than MS tests, so
it is great that now we can easily test MS test collections with
your testcode ;-) I'll modify Class1.cs as runnable under 
"standalone_tests" (and file name as well ;-) and check into svn.

BTW am on reviewing your patch and committed some of them. Now
the error (well, different result) cases are 438, from 557.
It is very nice :-) I'll continue my review and mail you later.

I put the original patch here
and made it into svn diff style

Some are already applied though.

Atsushi Eno

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