[Mono-devel-list] PATCH: wsdl, wsdl2, DefaultWsdlHelpGenerator.aspx, SoapDocumentationHandler.cs with support to multiples languages (Changed)

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Mon Feb 7 14:22:23 EST 2005

On dl, 2005-02-07 at 13:00 -0400, Rogerio Pereira wrote: 
> > Thanks for the patch. Unfortunately, I have to reject it because of
> > several reasons:
> Let's go!
> > The patch changes the behavior of the wsdl tool, which already provides
> > a way of specifying custom language providers. 
> I disagree, only vb.net and c# is possible. And this is can be a 1.1
> feature. If i'm wrong please tell me how can i specify chrome as
> language in -language option.

>From MS docs:

    The language to use for the generated proxy class.  Choose from
    'VB', 'JS', 'VJS' or provide a fully-qualified name for a class
    implementing System.CodeDom.Compiler.CodeDomProvider.  The default
is 'CS'
    (CSharp).  Short form is '/l:'.

If we don't support "fully-qualified name", feel free to post a patch
for it. It will be accepted.

> >I don't think that
> > relying on the system.web/compilation/buildproviders section of
> > machine.config is a good idea.
> Why not? system.codedom/compilers has the same idea! But i agree in
> one point, this patch is not apropriate for wsdl2, but for wsdl is
> still valid.

I may consider it if:
      * wsdl works for the default languages even if
        system.web/compilation/buildproviders is empty.
      * machine.config is not loaded for the default languages
      * It does not add a dependency to the System.Web assembly.

> >This section is for ASP.NET compilation,
> > which is not related at all with wsdl generation. The language aliases
> > aren't even the same.
> What you say with language aliases not the same? In machine.config has
> CS and -l:CS already works.

I don't have CS in my machine.config, so wsdl wouldn't work for me after
your patch. This is what I mean by "changing wsdl behavior".

> > 
> > Regarding the patches for DefaultWsdlHelpGenerator and
> > SoapDocumentationHandler, it is not acceptable to load in memory the
> > whole machine.config file at every request.
> Sorry, i agree a lot at this point. But in the case of
> SoapDocumentationHandler i only can see this one being called when i
> click in the "Dowload" link when i view the proxy code.

In any case, loading the whole machine.config just to read a couple of
values, and which are already read by ASP.NET, is not a good solution.

> > .NET 2.0 provides a new system.codedom/compilers section which can be
> > used as a general purpose language provider list. This is the way the go
> > in the future, and what wsdl2 and the WS doc page should be based on.
> Ok! But i think that some code is still apropriate for 1.1 tools and classes.

BTW, in general, any patch that adds the same 20 lines of code in
several files smells like a hack or something wrongly designed. We are
very constrained by MS.NET design, and sometimes there isn't any other
option, but I try to keep this to a minimum.

> Rogério

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