[Mono-devel-list] mod_mono FAQ proposal: additional question + answer [Virus checked]

Gonzalo Paniagua Javier gonzalo at ximian.com
Sun Feb 6 13:14:02 EST 2005

On Wed, 2005-02-02 at 07:43 +0100,
Winfried.Harbecke at Extern.Sparkassen-Informatik.de wrote:
> Hi,
>  as far as I can see, the combination of mod_mono compiled from
>  source against an Apache 2 development package (like the one in
>  Debian testing) with an Intel CPU is not uncommon. The following
>  extension to the FAQ could be helpful in that situation:
>  Appendix D of mod_mono/INSTALL should be changed to point to
>   http://apacheworld.org/modmono/FAQ.txt

That one is for the old mod_mono module. It's outdated for more than a
year now.

>  instead of
>   http://www.go-mono.com/faq.html#mod_mono
>  for more information, and FAQ.txt should be expanded:
>  =================================================================
>  2.6) I get Internal Server Error (500) when I try to load a sample ASP,
>  and with mod_mono_server.exe started from a console window, I get
>   In ModMonoWorker.Run: Abnormal string size.
>  This happens when mod_mono.so and mod_mono_server.exe versions are
>  incompatible. If you compiled mod_mono from source and you are using
>  the Apache 2 development package, you should also
>    cd /usr/include/apache2
>    grep WORDS_BIGENDIAN *.h
>  and if you get
>   #define WORDS_BIGENDIAN 1
>  but you are trying to install mod_mono on an Intel/AMD machine, remove
>  the offending line (it's a lie!) and recompile mod_mono.
>  =================================================================
> I posted the details to
> http://lists.ximian.com/archives/public/mono-list/2005-January/025521.html
> I also tried to work around this problem by rearranging the include
> directives in mod_mono.c, but stopped when I became aware of the level
> of intricacy built into mod_mono.h.
> Also, apache-dev is not the first development package with configure
> generated (i.e. non-generic) include files that I stumbled into, I have
> also seen that in glib-dev. Actually, it seems reasonable to generally
> discourage the use of development packages and advise potential users
> that installing required components from source is a better aproach.

I'll change the detection of endianness so that it works even on system
that has that broken setup.


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