[Mono-devel-list] WebRequest problem

Raffaele Sandrini rasa at gmx.ch
Sat Feb 5 04:36:43 EST 2005

On Fre, 2005-02-04 at 17:54 -0500, Kevin B. wrote:
> Hello again,
> I now believe that the problem I first mentioned is local to Mono 1.0.5
> only.  When I run Class1.exe under Mono 1.0.4. it will work correctly.
> Please note, running this code during peak time (weekdays 4PM to 9PM EST)
> will give you time-outs regardless of which mono core you have installed.
> -Kevin

This is a known bug to mono 1.0.5 if you like a patch to fix it and the
method to re-bootstrap monost 1.0.x go to
http://www.paldo.org/paldo/specs/mono.xml and look at the stable branch
build section. You can get the patch from

However, you can simply use mono 1.1 since it wont take ages till it
gets stable.

Raffaele Sandrini <rasa at gmx.ch>

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