[Mono-devel-list] Capturing Shell Output: System.Diagnostics.Process

Michael J. Ryan tracker1_lists at theroughnecks.com
Fri Feb 4 06:02:43 EST 2005

Sander Rijken wrote:
>> I never had any problems with this on .NET and Mono. Maybe
>> this can a problem with large outputs on standard out?
>> I think MonoDevelop uses threads to monitor the streams to
>> get continous output to the user.
> I thought about why I used the threads there again. The continues output 
> is indeed the reason they were used in that case. When you call 
> ReadToEnd(), it blocks until the program is finished. Most of the time 
> thats undesirable, especially in the case of MonoDevelop.

In the example with the original question, iirc, the code is waiting for
the external program to finish, to want to read the input...  for the
monodevelop case, it's understandable.. also, it's a really nice thing
that threads are so easy with .net .. :)

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