[Mono-devel-list] Preview release notes.

Sureshkumar T tsureshkumar at novell.com
Tue Feb 1 00:30:39 EST 2005

>     Here are the preview release notes for Mono 1.1.4, I have only
> audited the patches to the `mono/' module, which were roughly 400
> commits, it is still missing the mcs/ module which is another 1,200
> commits.
>     I would appreciate if people could drop me their contributions since
> the last release, from a big picture kind of way:

* System.Data

	- several bug fixes in Disconnected mode and Connected Modes.
	- bug fixes in providers SqlClient & Odbc (including patches
	  from Appasamy).
	- bugfixes in DataSet & DataRelations including patches from
	- performance improvement in DataViews, patch by Atsushi.
	- New testing framework for connected mode behaviour from Sudha.


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