[Mono-dev] L Sharp on Mono - block split failed

Rob Blackwell rob.blackwell at aws.net
Fri Dec 30 14:03:37 EST 2005

I'm the author and maintainer of L Sharp, a Lisp-like scripting language for
.NET. www.lsharp.org <http://www.lsharp.org/>  


So far, I've been targeting the Microsoft CLR, but I've been experimenting
with Mono on Linux, and apart from a few wrinkles, L Sharp kind-of works. 


One outstanding issue is that I get a warning


**: block split failed in TopLoop::Run


I don't understand what this means, or what I should be looking for in my
Run method in my TopLoop class.  If anybody could provide help or advice, I
would be grateful.


I'm running mono on Ubuntu linux.


Best Regards,



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