[Mono-dev] Creating an sms-tool

Aaron Meder code.aaron at gmail.com
Sat Dec 31 05:44:34 EST 2005

Hi everyone

Maybe one of you knows this nice little tool
http://www.sms-star.ch.vu/ . This tool can send sms using online
services of the mobile-phone providers here in switzerland. So I've
you have got an account in such an online service (e.g.
www.natelskyline.ch), you can send sms from the sms-star tool.

It's great and very comfortable, you don't need to login every time
you want to send an sms. You've got an adressbook and everything you
need :-p

The point is that I would like to have something similiar for my linux

But I don't know how to start at all. How are they doing that? I don't
think that there's a public API for the online services.

Thanks for help

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