[Mono-dev] Open discussion for mono setuid per vhost

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Tue Dec 27 20:01:12 EST 2005


> So far I've been discussing this offlist with another Mono/.Net 
> developer...  I'm interested in open/honest feedback or code snippets 
> which might help accomplish this..
> So far there are two ways which seem reasonable so far and please pardon 
> me if I'm missing some points..
> 1) Mono wrapper
> Apache ---> mod_mono -->  mono-server-path to wrapper --> mod-mono-server
> The wrapper is s+ (sticky bit) and owned by root.. It then calls the 
> mod-mono-server with setuid as the desired user..

This is quite secure, but it probably won't work from scratch
due to the unix socket used for the mono_mono <-> mod-mono-server

> 2) Patching mod_mono directly..
> Apache ---> mod_mono_patched --> mod-mono-server
> With the 2nd approach I'm thinking I have to compile mono with 
> -DBIG_SECURITY_HOLE (have to love the naming convention) and start 
> apache as root.. and then let mono setuid during the fork..
> This has two big disadvantages that glare at me.. -DBIG_SECURITY_HOLE is 
> named appropriately, but is owned by root and setting +s really any 
> different.. Also then I have to maintain a patchset that is off mainline 
> unless it's somehow contributed upstream.. (Is the -DBIG_SECURITY_HOLE 
> and starting as root a must?)

Yes, it is.

> I'm really not seeing a maintainable way to get around the vhosts being 
> in their own environment issue.. (Just when I thought I had it whipped 
> something didn't seem right.)  the end goal is to provide the following..
> a) Each vhost being under it's own user
> b) If a vhost crashes it automagically restarts
> c) Allows apache to serve the static content (keep some of the load off 
> XSP for things like images, css and etc...)
> d) Minimizing memory overhead impact if the vhost counts goes into the 
> hundreds..
> e) Not using proxy

FastCGI + Apache SuEXEC might be a solution as well, at least it covers
a-e. It is used for PHP by serious mass hosters.

However, it requires a new "fastcgi-mono-server", which has to be

> (On startup which even with -aot on everything seems to take the load 
> average to some really high levels if you start a lot of mod-mono-servers)

Gonzalo is aware of this issue.


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