[Mono-dev] [PATCHES] Global support for instance/class properties

Jb Evain mono at evain.net
Fri Dec 23 16:55:16 EST 2005

Hi there,

Here are some patches prior to correct bug 77040. It just implement  
the concept of instance or class properties within Mono tool.

   - Don't emit properties as SpecialName | RTSpecialName. MSFT  
runtime never emits this.
   - Add support for writing the hasThis flag on the properties.
   - Tell PEAPI to write the hasThis flags on the properties when  
it's required.
   - Correctly disassemble instance properties.
   - Infer whether the property is an instance one or not from its  
     Fixes 77041. The only problem of this patch is that MSFT always  
emits class properties.

Could the code owners comment on this ?


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