[Mono-dev] [ANN] X-develop 1.2 with better Mono debugging support

Hans Kratz kratz at omnicore.com
Thu Dec 22 04:31:35 EST 2005

Hans Kratz wrote:
> We have just release X-develop 1.2 build 1006, which supports the latest 
> Mono debugger (version 0.11) and Mono 1.1.12_0 as installed using the 
> "Linux Installer for x86" out of the box.

Correction. The Mono 1.1.12_0 Linux Installer for x86 does not come with 
the latest version of the Mono debugger (0.11). Furthermore there are 
some problems with relocation of the Mono debugger (see my other mail to 
the list for some details).

Thus if you want to test Mono debugging with X-develop you have to 
follow those steps:

1) Install Mono 1.1.12 (or a later version from SVN).

2) Compile+install the Mono debugger 0.11 (available from 

3) Make sure that <MONO_PREFIX>/lib is searched by ld.so and comes 
before the library directory of all other Mono installations. This is 
usually not a problem if you install Mono into /usr/local.

4) Start X-develop, open/create a new C# project and select the correct 
Mono framework in the Solution | .NET framework menu.

Best regards,

Hans Kratz
Omnicore Software

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