[Mono-dev] HTTP Protocol Implementation: Solving the message boundary problem

Vladimir Lushnikov vladimir.d.lushnikov at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 07:03:13 EST 2005


I wanted to ask a quick question about how the HTTPListener etc...
classes solve the message boundary problem.

I took a look at the related classes, and it seems that the http
commands are passed by reading/writing to a MemoryStream and
delimiting each command by a "\r\r\n\n" in the ASCII encoding. Is that
correct? I am interested because I am doing Socket (tcp) programming
at the moment, and it would be useful to hear what kind of workarounds
there are for the message boundary problem, in, say, an XML-based
protocol over TCP, something that is very similar in spirit to HTTP.

Thank you,
Vladimir "Vlad#" Lushnikov
http://www.vladsharp.com - Poetry, programming: all in one day's blog

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