[Mono-dev] RemObjects support Mono

Dieter Bremes dbjobs at snafu.de
Sat Dec 17 12:27:31 EST 2005

Hi everybody,

issue 1/2006 of german magazine dotnetpro (subscribers only) has an 
article about RemObjects' Chrome compiler. Chrome uses a Delphi-like 
syntax and works as a plugin for Visual Studio. The article specifically 
mentions Chrome supporting mono.

There also is an interview with their chief architect saying (my 


Mono is a very important platform for us and we pay attention to all our 
.NET based products beeing fully compatible with mono. This applies to 
both Chrome and our libraries.

Of course the windows platform currently is our primary market. But I 
think that Mono will play an important role in the future especially 
regarding the creation of server based applications.


They also mention Mono on their website, e. g. 

I think RemObjects / Chrome should at least show up in 


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