[Mono-dev] HttpServerUtility strange incompatibility issue.

zven at nm.ru zven at nm.ru
Sat Dec 17 08:06:59 EST 2005

Hi, folks. Sorry for repost, but there is no response to my previous 
message. I hope that I do not break a rules.

I found strange incompatibility in Mono System.Web.HttpServerUtility 
which might confuse anyone deploying mono apps on pure .Net, but I think 
Mono implementation is good.

I am writing some Web Framework (indirect Struts port) and I need to 
transfer (or execute) via HttpServerUtility.Execute custom HttpHandlers. 
It's possible with Mono, but it's impossible with MS implementation of 
ASP.NET (HttpException throws). I think MS HttpServerUtility is buggy 
instead of Mono (current behaviour is logically right). If I am right, 
please vote for my bugreport to make things compatible, because it very 
painful.. very painful.

Also, IMHO MS bugreporting is waste of time and I shall see "Win't Fix" 
after months of waiting. If someone here have access to "power people", 
please help :)

Bug report is here: 

Thanks in advance, Alexander.

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